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Coursework at WUSTL

Mathematics Department

  • Introduction to Analysis

  • Advanced Linear Statistical Models

  • Bayesian Statistics

  • Theory of Statistics I

  • Theory of Statistics II

​Engineering School

  • Convex Optimization

  • Optimization in Function Space

  • Probability and Stochastic Processes

  • Algorithms for Nonlinear Optimization

  • Multi-Agent Systems


Economics Department

  • Microeconomics I

  • Microeconomics II

  • Quantitative Methods in Economics I

  • Applied Econometrics

​Business School

  • Empirical Methods in Business

  • Advanced Bayesian Econometrics

  • Supply Chain Finance & Risk Management

  • Stochastic Models for Production and Service Systems

  • Inventory & Supply Chain Management Theory & Research

  • Theory and Research Methods in Inventory and Supply Chain Management

  • Research Topics & Engineering Themes in Supply Chain & Revenue Management

Selected Online Courses
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies (Coursera, Princeton)

  • Social and Economic Networks: Models and Analysis (Coursera, Stanford)

  • Statistical Learning (Stanford Online)

  • Data Analysis with R (Udacity)

  • Python for Data Science (DataCamp)

  • Data Analysis and Statistical Inference (DataCamp)

  • Financial Markets (Coursera, Yale)

  • Introduction to Financial Accounting (Coursera, Wharton)

  • Introduction to Corporate Finance (Coursera, Wharton)

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