Research Interests
  • Interface of Operations and Finance

       -- Supply Chain Finance, Factoring & Reverse Factoring, Trade Finance, Financial Market Frictions

  • Economics of FinTech and Blockchain

       -- Crowdfunding, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) & Tokenomics, Blockchain Adoption, FinTech for Supply Chains

  • Social Operations Management

       -- Network Effects, Social Learning, Social Influence, Word-of-Mouth, Online Influencer, Wisdom of the Crowd​​

  • Social and Economic Networks

       -- Supply Chain Networks, Financial Networks, Network Centrality, Network Games, Network Traceability

  • Information Economics

       -- Economics of Data and Privacy, Data Markets, Bayesian Persuasion, Information Design

Journal Publications
  • A Supply Chain Theory of Factoring and Reverse Factoring  [Journal]  [SSRN] 

       -- with Panos Kouvelis​​

       -- Management Science, 2021

Working Papers
  • Blockchain-Enabled Traceability in Food Supply Chain Networks  [SSRN] 

       -- with Lingxiu Dong, Puping Jiang

       -- Major Revision, Management Science

           ○ Winner, 2020 POMS PITM Best Student Paper Competition

  • Blockchain-Enabled Deep-Tier Supply Chain Finance  [SSRN] 

       -- with Lingxiu Dong, Yunzhe Qiu

       -- Major Revision, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management​​​​​​​​

           ○ 2021 MSOM iFORM SIG Conference

  • A Theory of FinTech and Trade Finance  [SSRN] 

       -- with Xiaoyu Wang

       -- Major Revision, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

           ○ 2021 MSOM iFORM SIG Conference

  • Crowdfunding Strategy with Word-of-Mouth Communication  [SSRN]

       -- with Xiaomeng Guo, Guang Xiao, Fuqiang Zhang

           ○ 2019 MSOM iFORM SIG Conference

  • Crowdfunding under Social Learning and Network Externalities  [SSRN]

       -- with Fuqiang Zhang

  • Consumer Privacy and Retail Platform Operations  [SSRN]

       -- with Xiaoyu Wang, Fuqiang Zhang

  • A Model of Livestream Selling with Online Influencers  [SSRN]

       -- with Jing Hou, Houcai Shen

  • The Tokenvendor Problem: Tokenizing Cargo Reservations under Overbooking and No-Shows

       -- with Jacob Feldman, Panos Kouvelis, Yunzhe Qiu​​​​​​

  • Market Frictions and Cash-in-Advance Financing

       -- with Panos Kouvelis, Wenhui Zhao